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Brevard County famously known as the Space Coast provides great surprises in store for tourists and plenty of diversity for residents.  The 70 mile long and narrow strip (of a county is an average of 26.5 miles from the seacoast at any point) is home to the Kennedy Space Center.

Brevard has a long shoreline that greatly complements its uncommon flora and fauna brought about by a temperature that’s both temperate and subtropical. The juxtaposition of technology and surf is uniquely Brevard and is the reason why it draws so many tourists every year. Click through the neighborhoods to find out which community suits you best.

  • Cape Canaveral
  • Cocoa
  • Cocoa Beach
  • Indiatlantic
  • Indian Harbour Beach
  • Melbourne
  • Melbourne Beach
  • Palm Bay
  • Rockledge
  • Satellite Beach
  • Titusville
  • West Melbourne



Cape Canaveral

Population: 9,912 (2010)
Median Household Income: $44,557 (2010)
Meidan Home Price: $217,700 (2010)
Average Commute Time: 21 minutes

Like all Brevard towns and cities, Cape Canaveral oozes with the laid back life of sun, sand and a subtropical/temperate climate that everyone pines for. The Kennedy Space Center has launched many shuttles here but the technology hasn’t spoilt the casual feel of this city.

The casualness belies the booming Port Canaveral that accommodates cargo, naval, cruise ships. In 2010 alone, about 2.8 million cruise passengers have passed through the port making it one of the busiest cruise ports in the world.


Take a stroll along its shoreline and make it a point to enjoy the wildlife of the 58,000 acre Canaveral National Seashore, underdeveloped for the discerning naturalist’s viewing pleasure. A few more steps and you should reach the shoreline of one of the finest cities in Brevard, Coco Beach.

Be sure to check the city’s official website for schedule on shuttle launches. There’s nothing like seeing a rocket launch while decked out on Florida’s famous shores.

Places to Visit in Cape Canaveral

Take advantage of the variety of activities Port Canaveral has to offer. Boating, fishing, going on cruises are a given but at its entry way sits Jetty Park is a place of interest where you can camp in any way you want, from rustic to RV. Dine while watching ships come and go and party in the evenings to live bands at the Cove for a more upbeat way to experience the port.

The Cape Canaveral experience wouldn’t be complete without going to see its space roots which the city became popular for. Some of the attractions include The Kennedy Space Center, Brevard Museum of History and Science, Air Force Space & Missile History Center, the Astronaut Memorial Planetarium and Observatory.




Population (2011): 17,238
Median Income (2011): $38,844
Average Home Price (2011): $90,000
Average Commute Time: 26 mins

Cocoa offers a simple life, close to nature and rich in history that’s occasionally spiced up by the nearby launching pad of the space shuttle. It’s near the administrative center of Brevard county, Viera and is home to the historic Cocoa Village.

A trip down the Indian River can take you to the Central Florida Everglades, an ecosystem famous for its alligator, migrating and local birds and more Florida’s rich wild life.


Places to Visit:

Cocoa Village – This historic, tree-line hub of restaurants, museums, galleries, unique shops and night spots is definitely worth a visit. Day tours let you take in the beautiful view at the riverside boardwalk, shop at specialty stores or visit the Cocoa Village Theater that’s been active since 1924.

Night visits take you to unique adventures for your palette at restaurants with the broadest cuisine choices as well as allow you to enjoy vibrant live music.



Cocoa Beach

Population (est): 13,000
Median Income: $46,046
Average Home Price: $185,000
Average Commute Time: 24.4 mins

Divided from the city of Cocoa by the Banana River, Merritt Island and the Intracoastal Atlantic Waterway, Coco Beach sits right next to the Atlantic Ocean, making it ideal for laid back days or wide-eyed exploration.

The neighborhood is home to 12,361 people but houses up to 30,000 tourists during peak seasons. In a year, it gets about 2.4 million day tourists, making its population a good mix of vacationers, locals and retirees.

Locals and retirees make up the 40% that live in the neighborhood all year long. With that permanent residence comes the perk of being able to catch a wave where many a surfer championship has done so, witness the occasional launching of the space shuttle from Cape Canaveral, observe coastal and migratory species including dolphins leaping out of the water and see wildlife in their natural habitat while kayaking in the nearby river.

There are miles of finger canals in the area that you can take advantage of so you can dock boat right in your backyard. The Coco Beach life is made convenient and secure for both vacationers and residents because of its well-protected natural resources, excellently maintained parks and public facilities, top-ranked schools, diverse dining choices, major-chain hotels and affordable hotels and a strong city government that has its own police, fire/paramedic departments.

Places to Visit:

Coco Beach Country Club – Offers a 27-hole golf course, an Olympic Sized city pool, a tennis complex and a beach volleyball area that is open to the public.

Coco Beach Pier – Stretches 840 feet long over the Atlantic Ocean. The historic pier has been around since 1962 and houses 5 bars, 4 restaurants including the famous Atlantic Ocean Grille, an ice cream parlor and an arcade. It’s also a great place for fishing.




Population (est): 2,723 (2011)
Median Income: $57,891 (2009)
Average Home Price: $294,708 (2009)
Average Commute Time:

Indialantic sits right in the middle of the Indian River and the Atlantic Ocean, thus the name.  It’s conveniently located for practically any nature-filled adventures. Catch a wave in the ocean or go fishing in the river. Take a walk along the shoreline and see a rocket launch from Cape Canaveral.

Go on a cruise on the Indian River and get the chance to see the unique flora and fauna of Brevard County including the famed Everglades. Enjoy the scenes of some of the parks by yourself or with a friend to rejuvenate after a day’s work.Expect a simple life at the Indialantic. If you’re into nature and the water, then Indialantic is definitely the best choice for you.



Indian Harbour Beach

Population: 8,228 (2011)
Median Income:  $56,803
Average Home Price:  $175,000
Average Commute Time: 

Indian Harbour Beach was founded by W. Lansing Gleason, John H. Neafie and Louis S. Henry back on June 6, 1955. Since that time, the area has flourished, attracting residents who enjoy a quiet, small-town atmosphere next to to the ocean.

Places to Visit:

Eau Gallie Yacht Club - This is a private boating club that makes sure its members have a lot of fun. Family friendly and able to help anyone who loves the water, the Eau Gallie Yacht Club is recommended if you're in the area.

South Beach Fitness  - If you're worried about staying in shape while in the area, the South Beach Fitness club is a great place to go. They have a lot of equipment and staff on hand to help people of all ages exercise smarter.




Population: 76,068 (2010)
Median Income:  $34,571 (2000)
Average Home Price:  $215,000 (2007)
Average Commute Time: 

If you didn't know, this city was named Melbourne to honor its first postmaster, Cornthwaite John Hector. He was from England and had spent much of his life in Melbourne, Australia. The area has been settled by humans for a long time, but today many people travel here because of the beaches and all the other fun to be had in the area.

Places to Visit:

Florida Power and Light Company Ice Plant (1927) - This building is on the national historic registry. It is located at 1604 South Harbor City Boulevard, and is a great place to visit for anyone who enjoys history and learning about the past.

Historic Rossetter House Museum  - This museum located at 1320 Highland Avenue is another great place to stop if you're in the area. They have a lot of history on display. This is a great destination for people of all ages who love history.



Melbourne Beach

Population: 3,101 (2010)
Median Income:  $62,139 (2010)
Average Home Price:  $321,498 (2010)
Average Commute Time: 

If you didn't know, Melbourne Beach is the oldest beach community in Brevard County, Florida, which makes it special in many ways. Once you see all there is to do and see in this little slice of paradise, you're going to realize why so many people love the area.

Places to Visit:

Melbourne Beach Pier - If you love the water and shopping and eating, you're going to really like visiting the Melbourne Beach Pier. In one small area, you can find a lot of different activities to do and businesses to visit.

Old Melbourne Beach Town Hall - For a look at the history of the area, be sure to stop by the old Town Hall. It's a great look at architecture from the past as well as a way to learn more about Melbourne Beach.

Ryckman Park - Located on Ocean Avenue, this park is the location of the Town Hall, the Melbourne Beach Community Center, a playground and several gazebos. Numerous events are held at the park every year - most famously the annual Founder's Day celebration and parade every May. 



Palm Bay

Population: 103,190 (2010)
Median Income:  $41,636 (2000)
Average Home Price:  $166,500 (2007)
Average Commute Time: 

Palm Bay is the largest city in Brevard County, Florida. Originally known as Tillman, the area changed names to Palm Bay in the 1920s and hasn't looked back since. This part of Florida attracts a lot of people each and every year.

Places to Visit:

 Indian River Lagoon - Near to Palm Bay is the Indian River Lagoon, which is actually a series of three different lagoons in the area, each offering something a little different. Many people love visiting this area because of the wildlife.

St. Johns River &  Sawgrass Lake - For anyone who likes the water, both St. Johns River and Sawgrass Lake are nearby and offer plenty of opportunities to have a little fun in the sun. Be sure to remember your towel!.




Population: 24,926 (2010)
Median Income:  $52,332 (2000)
Average Home Price:  $131,500 (2011)
Average Commute Time: 

As the oldest city in  Brevard County, Florida, Rockledge has a distinguished past. That said, they're also firmly planted in the present with an eye to the future. The area offers a lot of great attractions and affordable housing prices for anyone looking to live in this part of the country.

Places to Visit:

H. S. Williams House - Located at 1219 Rockledge Drive, Rockledge, Florida, this house was originally built by Hiram Smith Williams in 1880 after he moved to the area in 1874. In 2012, work was started to make it a historic museum for the area.

Persimmon Mound - For those who love history, a short 10 mile trip south of Rockledge will bring you to the Persimmon Mound. This is a historic place in the United States and somewhere you should definitely visit at least once if you're in the area.



Satellite Beach

Population: 10,109  (2010)
Median Income:  $63,442 (2010)
Average Home Price:  $250,395 (2009)
Average Commute Time: 

This historic coastal city sits in between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian River. It is the largest beachside community in the whole region, which makes it very popular.

Places to Visit:

Hightower Beach Park - For fun outside, you need to check out the Hightower Beach Park, which was recently renovated. A lot of money was spent making this park even more family friendly and full of fun things to do if you're in the area.


Coconut Point Park - This is a 36.9-acre beachside park and sea turtle nesting site. The area has several picnic facilities and more to make sure the whole family has fun. For anyone who loves the beach (and turtles) this park is not to be missed.




Population: 43,761 (2010)
Median Income:   $42,453 (2010)
Average Home Price:  $158,900 (2007)
Average Commute Time: 

As the county seat of  Brevard County, Florida, this is an important city in the region. When you add the beautiful climate and all the fun things to do in the city, it's easy to see why it's one of the more popular destinations in Florida.

Places to Visit:

Judge George Robbins House - If you're not sure who Judge George Robbins is, you need to stop by this historic building to learn more about a man who did a lot for the area when he was around. This place really gives you a look at the history of the area.

US Space Walk of Fame and Museum - For something a little more out of this world, stroll down to the US Space Walk of Fame and Museum and get ready to be amazed. This outdoor plaza honors a lot of our astronauts.



West Melbourne

Population: 18,355 (2010)
Median Income:   $46,486 (2010)
Average Home Price:   $226,000 (2007)
Average Commute Time: 

This city was created in 1959 to avoid annexation with the City of Melbourne. When you see the area, you're going to understand why they wanted to remain separate. The area has seen the most growth in all of Brevard County, Florida. There's a reason for this and you'll know what it is when you visit.


Places to Visit:

Municipal Parks - With a total of seven Municipal Parks in the city, there's outdoor fun for everyone no matter what they enjoy doing in their leisure time. The best part is that you can go from one to another if you're not having fun.

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